Tales of the Dairy Godmother – Chuck’s Ice Cream Wish

Tales of the Dairy Godmother – Chuck’s Ice Cream Wish


What happens when you wish for all the ice cream you can eat? The Dairy Godmother appears to make your dairy dreams come true and to highlight dairy farming and the hard work it takes to make the popular treat.

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In this fairy tale twist, Chuck gets his wish granted – poof! – by his Dairy Godmother. She transports Chuck onto his very own dairy farm – because what better way to have all the ice cream you could ever eat? With humor and heart, Chuck learns how farmers care for cows, what cows eat, and what happens to all that milk. Through his journey, Chuck gains an even deeper love and appreciation for his favorite food.

Young readers will love this “dairy tale” that details the inner workings of a dairy farm and what it takes to be a dairy farmer – and where ice cream comes from.

This book is perfect to pair with a trip to an ice cream shop, dairy farm, or to inspire kids to make their own ice cream at home.

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