Wisconsin Ag in the Classroom Resources

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Ag Mags

Ag Mags are 4-page agricultural magazines that feature colorful imagery and contain information about agriculture, ag careers and classroom activities. 

Ag Today Issue 1

Ag Today Readers

National Ag in the Classroom provides Ag Today Readers, which are similar to Ag Mags but rather than focusing on one commodity, this resource helps students make connections to STEM through a variety of topics. Physical copies of these readers are available for purchase,  or teachers and classroom volunteers can access via electronic download for free.

My American Farm

My American Farm is an online game created by the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture with support from many generous donors. This platform allows students to choose from different games based on grade level and subject area. These games lead students to learn more about math, healthy living, english, geography and more while also exploring agricultural topics.

Download the My American Farm handbook to learn more about the platform and how you can rent tablets for students at your next event.

Journey 2050

This online website and virtual game allows students to explore the sustainability of world food production. Students are challenged to consider best management practices for feeding the world, reducing environmental impact among other considerations all while trying to answer the ultimate question - how will we sustainably feed nearly 10 billion people by 2050?

Teacher Newsletter

Download the Ag in the Classroom newsletter for teachers and home-school parents here.