Kids Ag Facts

Kids Ag Facts

Why Is Agriculture Education Important?

Agriculture education prepares students for successful careers in agriculture, allowing them to develop leadership skills.

How Important Are Ag Classrooms?

Ag classrooms are extremely important in teaching students to become more proficient farmers, scientists, teachers, nutritionists and leaders.

What Makes National Ag Day So Important?

Recognizing and celebrating the importance and contributions of agriculture is extremely important to supporting this industry. National Ag Day is held each year in Spring, and attendees can learn about how foods and fiber are produced, the role of agriculture in the economy and the role agriculture plays in ensuring the creation of safe and affordable products.

Wisconsin Ag In The Classroom Lesson Plans

What Is Ag in the Classroom?

Ag in the Classroom is a national program designed to teach agricultural literacy to children of all ages, as well as members of the public.

Who Is Eligible for Ag in the Classroom Programs?

Ag in the Classroom programs are offered through schools as well as community organizations. These programs are generally open to students and community members of all ages and backgrounds to support their literacy of the crucial role of agriculture in many aspects of life.