Wisconsin Farm Bureau Foundation - Agriculture in the Classroom

2022-2023 Ag in the Classroom Grant Program

Agriculture in the Classroom in conjunction with Wisconsin Farm Bureau Foundation offers competitive grants of up to $500 to educators and/or volunteer groups to support students in grades Pre-K –12 academic success while developing student awareness, understanding, and knowledge of agriculture.

Grant opportunities for 2022-2023 academic year include:

Ag in All Classrooms (Fall 2022) ----------> Due Sept. 19, 2022
Ag in All Classrooms (Spring 2023) -------> Due Jan. 16, 2023
FFA Food for America ----------------------> Due Jan. 16, 2023
Ag in Summer School ----------------------> Due March 15, 2023

Agriculture in ALL Classrooms Grants (Fall and Spring)

Agriculture impacts our lives every day in all subject areas – STEM, ELA, Social Studies, Art, Music…let your creativity be your guide by incorporating agriculture themes into unexpected curriculum and bring relevance and context to enhance student learning in any space.  Formal and non-formal (volunteer) educators and/or groups are eligible to apply for Agriculture in ALL Classrooms Grants of up to $500 per grant.

Food for America Grants

Student-led educational agriculture literacy activities are central to the Wisconsin FFA Food for America program.  Wisconsin FFA Chapters and/or programs that collaborate with FFA chapters are invited to apply for up to $500 in funding to initiate or grow peer-led activities that explore and build awareness of the impact of agriculture in communities.

Learning experiences that meet this award area include, but are not limited to:

  • Day on the Farm programs
  • Classroom Agriculture Presentations/activations
  • Fair/Community Event Agriculture activations

Ag in Summer School Grants

Bring Agriculture Literacy themes to summer learning experiences – in school and out! The Award area is designed to support learning projects and initiatives that occur during summer school programming. Formal and non-formal educators are encouraged to apply for grants of up to $500.

The application will be available Dec. 1, 2022.

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